Extensive refurbishment to 6 bedroom house

About This Project

With this project we stripped out the whole area of the interior swimming pool, infilled the swimming pool and made good ready for new main kitchen and family area, raised the external walls and incorporaing a stone feature sections.

Opened up a new aperture in the flat roof over the old pool and designed and installed a large double glazed feature atrium light with electric windows.

Designed and installed new contemporary kitchen with a large feature island and family area and enlarged windows and doors to incorporate maximum light into the new area.

Removed the old kitchen / utility rooms / staircase and completely refurbished incorporating bedrooms and ensuite.

Formed a new apperture and designed, supplied, resited and installed new period staircase.

New heating system throughout and refurbished 4 x bathrooms.

Replaced all new windows with D/G windows and doors and feature timber front door.

Removed all of the old Spanish looking render on all the external walls and re rendered a complete house with feature coloured render.

The roof was overhauled.

Decorations and tiles and supplied and installed wood flooring throughout the ground floor.