Top Tips for Remodelling Kitchens on a Budget

Top Tips for Remodelling Kitchens on a Budget

Think Function First: A kitchen can be beautiful, but if it isn’t practical, it’s pointless.

Upgrade the Hardware: The easiest way to make a kitchen look expensive (without spending loads of money) is to swap the pulls and knobs.

Hack Those IKEA Cabinets: Use IKEA cabinets as a base and  finish them with chic Semihandmade door fronts and hardware, a cost-saving trick that can save you thousands on custom cabinetry.

Banish Clutter With Good Storage:  Leave the pretty things out on shelves and counters and put away the ‘not so pretty but must have it’ items.

Have Fun with Paint: Picking paint colours is never easy.  Choose wisely.


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