Tips for taking photos and videos of your home

Tips for taking photos and videos of your home

1. Camera – phone camera will suffice.

2. Tidy up – clean and declutter

3. Lighting – open your curtains or blinds and turn on all your lights.

4. Filming – take all photos and videos in landscape.

5. The right angle – keep your camera at chest height to ensure the proportions of each room from your perspective.

6. Photography – position yourself in the very corner of each room to take photos, to show as much of the space as possible.

7. Filming – Slowly sweep the camera from one corner of the room to the other to fully show the space and dimensions of the room.

8. Exterior shots – include images of the exterior of your home. This should include the front and back of the property as well as gardens, driveway and additional land or outbuildings.

9. Room checklist – cover every aspect of your home from living areas to the bathrooms.

10. Unusual features – include images of anything that may impact the value of your home. That may be a spacious garden or a recently renovated kitchen, or any characterful or historic features that are unique to your property.

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