The future of building a house is 3D

The future of building a house is 3D

Affordable housing will prove critical around the world with the price of building a home due to come down once 3D printing becomes available.

3D printed houses would be made of cement and take up to one day to be printed by large 3D robots. The emphasis is on the schematic and drawing on the property which then instructs the massive robotic printer how and where to place the cement.

Many industry experts say that 3D printing is already revolutionising the way products are created and will only continue to do so in the future. The printers are capable of using any number of materials—including food, cement, and others—and creating a 3D structure.

In homes, small 3D printers can be used to create toys for kids. In the medical industry 3D printers are believed to be a panacea for creating cheaper prosthetics. In housing, the cheap construction could be a boon for affordable housing.

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