The future is multigenerational housing

The future is multigenerational housing

Multigenerational households are on the rise once more.  Living with your parents (or your adult children) has plenty of potential benefits–everyone tends to save money, it can potentially benefit health outcomes, and you get to spend more time together.

The problem is that British housing stock, dominated by single-family homes and connected by cars, isn’t really designed for multigenerational living. With some clever design and planning, you can transform your property and make it future proof.

Homebuilders are now offering “multigenerational” floor plans that make space for three or more generations.

Typical features include separate entrances and garages that let parents come and go as they please. These “in-law” units often have their own kitchenette and living spaces. The financial benefits of multigeneration homes are that there’s just one mortgage, you’ll spend less on petrol and waste less time commuting; you’ll also spend less on childcare with floorplans that are well-equipped to serve special needs adults and their families.

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