Feng Shui – how you can apply the ancient Chinese practice to your home.

Feng Shui – how you can apply the ancient Chinese practice to your home.

HALL – Plants in the hallway signify growth and vibrancy. Placing them in corners encourages a natural flow of energy and hides sharp edges which softens the overall space.

LIVING ROOM – Walls, furnishings and accessories in the living room should be bright in colour, according to feng shui law
Position furniture in a way that allows people to interact easily, such as arranging sofas and chairs in a horseshoe shape for example.
Good quality natural light is an important part of feng shui. Position large mirrors to reflect light throughout your living room.

KITCHEN – The kitchen should be decorated in colours you’d associate with natural foods. Oranges, yellows and browns, for example.
Put colourful fruit, vegetables and herbs on display to represent health and wellbeing.
Gas hobs bring positive natural energy to the kitchen, whereas microwaves are said to have strong magnetic fields which can be harmful. 

BEDROOMS – The position of your bed is important in feng shui. To tap into morning energy, the top of your head should face east.
Décor should be in pastel shades (blues, greens, creams and pinks) to evoke a sense of calm and promote sleep.
Bedrooms need to feel warm, dark and dry. Use thick curtains, carpets and rugs with big pillows and cushions to create a safe and comfortable space.

BATHROOM – Imagery can have a real impact on your sense of wellbeing, according to feng shui law, so hang relaxing and soothing pictures such as a waterfall or a spa.
The movement and cleanliness of water is considered good feng shui, so avoid the build-up of mildew or stagnant water in the bathroom.
Plants help to clean the air and promote the healing and restorative aspect of this particular space.

OFFICE – Position your desk so your back is to the wall and the room is in front of you, ideally with a view of the windows and doors. The position is associated with empowerment and confidence.

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